Cimskil — High Throughput Manufacturing

Cimskil Feeds and Speeds(F&S) Library

This is a simple example of the types of data contained in the Library. Note that it is an example only.

The full F&S library, depending on your requirements, will contain many data and rules.

An example of one implementation, used on the DOD High Throughput Program, is given below the table.



Rough Reaming
Finish Reaming
Rough Side End Milling
Finish Side End Milling
Rough Face Milling
Finish Face Milling

HSS tool in 4140 steel
HSS tool in GrayCastIron
HSS tool in AluminumAlloy_3005
Carbide tool in 4140 steel
Carbide tool in GrayCastIron
Carbide tool in AluminumAlloy_3005

Rough Bottom End Milling
Finish Bottom End Milling

HSS tool in 4140 steel
HSS tool in GrayCastIron
HSS tool in AluminumAlloy_3005

Face Turning
OD Turning
Plunge Groove Turning

HSS tool in GrayCastIron
Carbide tool in GrayCastIron
Ceramic tool in GrayCastIron

An extended example of the data that can be maintained and exploited through the Cimskil libraries is mentioned on the Hithru program page, which you can access from the menu to the left. But to illustrate the possibilities, we repeat here detail regarding F&S and machining parameter calculations; the program objectives for these and means of attaining them are summarized as:

  • Metal removal process optimized for machine/spindle combination
  • Extensive dynamic testing of machine.
  • Spindle/toolholder tap tests to find "sweet spots" that avoid chatter.
  • Shop tests for tool/process technology.
  • Synthesize algorithm from results for:
        Axial and radial depth of cut
        Spindle rpm
        Feed rates.

Cincinnati Machine carried out extensive "tap tests" on tool and holder combinations, to derive data as shown in the following representative chart. The optimum data from the results were then used in the program for the target machine, a Cincinnati Machine V5 Lancer 5-axis.

These data were then entered to the Feeds & Speeds Library, and in parallel the tool library was populated with "tap-tested" tools.

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