Cimskil — High Throughput Manufacturing

Cimskil Materials Library

These are the default materials loaded in Cimskil. If you purchase pre-defined manufacturing capabilities, then there will be more materials embedded in the system to support the automation capabilities.

There is much data stored for each material, to be used during the selection of manufacturing methods.

Full capabilities are provided for you to add your own material data, either interactively through panels or using an ASCII text batch input capability. We will advise you on this.

    Work Piece Materials
  • CarbonSteel_1030_Annealed
  • AlloySteel_4140_Normalized
  • GrayCastIron
  • AluminumAlloy_3005
  • CopperAlloy_145
  • Stainless_17_4PH
    Cutting Tool Materials
  • HSS
  • Carbide
  • Ceramic

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