Cimskil — High Throughput Manufacturing

Cimskil Run Time Automation

Cimskil provides for automation of many manufacturing tasks, as shown in the following diagram of the sequential processes:

All of the manufacturing tasks can be automated, either using the Cimskil Expert module or they may be purchased as a run time system of methods for a particular family of features, possibly to be milled on a particular machine.

However, note the rider in the title box: all tasks may be overridden or interactive as required.

This is accomplished using the Interactive NC system, which is available throughout to change any details that you wish for a particular part, or to manually program any feature geometry for which there is no manufacturing feature or automated method.

Thus the user at run-time has available the tables of the features, methods, setups, and individual operations steps, down to the actual CL points, and these can all be edited or created interactively as required. And, of course, views are provided of the part and its features, with animated displays of toolpaths.

To the latter can be added the capability to use Cimskil NC Verification either interactively to see the effects of changes, or at the end of creation of the plan to view the cutting of the complete part.

We can conclude by summarizing again with the diagram of the run-time process flow of the Cimskil products:

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