Cimskil — High Throughput Manufacturing

Cimskil Tool Library

This is a sample of the tool types contained in the standard tool library, as shipped with Cimskil. If you have purchased a customized version, then you will, in addition, be provided with the tool library for, e.g., the machine tool and methods that you have purchased. For your own customization purposes you can use the default tool library as templates to alter to meet your requirements.

Within each family of tool types, there can be any number of individual tools. For each tool a wealth of data is held to contribute to the tasks of:

  • automated selection of tools for machining tasks
  • automatic calculation of all machining parameters such as feeds and speeds
  • generation of the optimized toolpath.

You can load your own tool data, either interactively through windows that are provided or, using an ASCII formatted text file, from your own tool database. Our Support personnel will advise you on this.

    Tool Types
  • Spot Drills
  • Drills
  • Counter Bores
  • Counter Sinks
  • Taps
  • Reamers
  • End Mills
  • Face Mills
  • Ball Mills
  • Wires
  • Diamond Inserts
  • Triangular Inserts
  • Circular Inserts
  • Rectangular Groove Inserts
  • Right Hand Turning Tools
  • Left Hand Turning Tools
  • Boring Bars
  • Pull Broaches

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